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Environmental Question

Dress from organic cotton and woven plastic bags

last year of IB high-school, UWC-USA


Photography: Karolina Szewczyk

"Environmental Existence" is an artwork I created in high school. This installation is a warning for Earth’s citizens, complemented with hope encouraging to act now. To capture how the still existent but decreasing health of the environment is being destroyed I juxtaposed sublime flowers with bare stems, along with a single plant trapped within melted metal. However, the last flower left blooming over all stems embodies the sense of hope. 

“Environmental Existence” became the ultimate inspiration for my new creation, “Environmental Question”, the dress. I desired to explore its theme deeper, through another lens. My reflection about hope for clean, safe Earth, the hope which is slowly transforming into reality thanks to global actions protecting environment was concluded with an unexpected and so significant question:

We are doing our best... but is it actually our best?


The question which discussion became the purpose of my upcoming piece. I have strived to contemplate, pose a doubt, explore the inquiry through art wear without particularly aiming for a strict answer.

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