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Sensitivity, persistence, care…


I am a recent graduate of ESMOD Paris, whose honest sensitivity drives the enduring persistence to actively strive to protect the Earth with deepest care. Combining my two greatest passions, fashion and natural environment, I desire to participate in the formation of the fashion world of today and tomorrow. I aim to create holistically sustainable clothes that not only stop exploiting the planet but actually support the biosphere. 


To me, nature presents as a mesmerising web of connections that interact nearly flawlessly (unless disrupted by humans) to maintain an exceptional whole, it presents as my ultimate inspiration. The essential role of bees, mangrove forests combating climate change, mushrooms eating plastic… through my designs, I always aim to convey a message that provokes reflection and hopefully action. I strive for it to be evident comprehensively, through both the visible design and all the invisible processes involved in its execution. I use only natural materials responsibly sourced from regenerative sources, upcycled textiles or deadstock fabrics. My garments are meticulously constructed into clean shapes embodying  modern elegance. They are comfortable for the wearer, highlighting their exceptional personalities, empowering in these difficult times of today and serving for the many more challenges to come.

I am a sensitive 22-year-old who inspired by the natural environment desires to create persistent, sustainable garments for conscious modern ladies who truly care.

My work has been recognised by meaningful prizes such as RSE Jeune Talent LVMH 2022 and Technical Award during 2023 Fashioning Sustainability international competition by Freudenberg as well as the Finalist Title of the Global Graduate Design Show in collaboration with Gucci .

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Graduate Collection


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