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Natural Equilibrium

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Dress final project of the first year at ESMOD Paris



Mangroves are small shrubs and trees that grow in saline costal areas. They create refuges for biodiversity, act as a buffer zones, and above all provide a rich storage of blue carbon. Blue carbon ecosystems of mangroves, seagrass beds and salt marshes store carbon at up to ten times the rate of terrestrial ecosystems, while covering only 1.5% of the area of land forests. They are an example of a wholesome natural equilibrium, that a lot has already been lost due to human exploitation. 


In the current times of climate crisis, especially recently after watching the documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ by Ali Tabrizi, the progressive dying of my home country’s Baltic sea and many similar issues, I have felt quite helpless... 


How should I possibly move forward?


After several days of deep reflection and questioning, I realized that the practice of maintaining equilibrium through increase in resilience that we can notice from these blue carbon ecosystems is what will save me, save us. I desired to create a dress that would express the feeling of a natural equilibrium, encourage you to find your own. 


Green maxi dress with short pagoda sleeves and leaf-shape openings with letter embroidery created from certified organic cotton sateen emerged as a result.

Design: Jagoda Sokołowska

Photography: Julia Sokołowska

Model: Jagoda Sokołowska

Creative process and declinations

Dress project layout-50.png
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