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(Im)perfect Symbiosis

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Optical project

ESMOD Paris 2nd year



Coal power plant emitting millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere yearly, lichen composed of coexisting fungus and algae, mushroom that eats plastic...

what is the connection? They are all an example of (im)perfect symbiosis. 


The aim of this project was to form a series of abstract optical patterns inspired by a specific current trend followed by a creation of a physical garment from textiles printed with one of the patterns. Hence, I desired to create patterns and a piece of clothing that would express the (im)perfect symbiosis.


Recently, in the world stressed by the climate crisis, environmentally-conscious actions across all fields have become a visible trend. Naming it the (im)perfect symbiosis, I desired to bring attention to the current relation between humans and nature, the relation that marked by many wounds has begun to be stitched by passionate, hopeful people with knowledge and belief.


It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean & land (IPCC, 2021), through the tens of years of the exploitative, parasite relation. But it is also clear that humans have noticed their mistakes and are actively striving to not only to heal their relation with Earth but make it flourish - that’s the the hope I want to mainly focus on, the symbiosis we all should be embracing. As Tomàs Saraceno perfectly stated, "To keep all species alive aboard this planetary journey, we must stabilise atmospheric temperatures, a mission only achievable through renewable balance and solidarity between all beings and forces within the cosmic, atmospheric, and terrestrial realms of this Earth".


To keep alive, we must strive for the perfect symbiosis.

Design: Jagoda Sokołowska

Photography: Camila Paliz

Model: Jagoda Sokołowska

Ensemble of blazer and skirt made of organic cotton printed with GOTS certified dyes

Print designs

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