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Growing Hope

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Following the concept of Growing Hope that I have developed for the tailored suit, I have designed and created a dress. It is made of 88 individual pieces of organic handwoven peaceful silk dyed into 5 shades of pink with use of avocado skin. With its layering, curves and colors, the dress aims to represent the gradual rebirth of coral reefs.

Design: Jagoda Sokołowska

Photography: Diego Aguilera,

Guillame Delaplace,

Julien Cochet

Model: Alice Tang,

Jagoda Sokołowska


On may 14th 2022, The Growing Hope tailored suit and dress were presented during Défilé des Cultures & Creation in Montfermeil, France, where I was awarded the winning title of Jeune Talent LVMH 2022.

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