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Peaceful Power

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Graduate collection

ESMOD Paris 3rd year


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“The limits to beating climate change are not scientific or technological but political and economic.”

                ~Nikki Reisch, Director of the Climate & Energy Program at Center of International Environmental Law (CIEL)


Emissions from fossil fuels, the non-renewables which supply about 80% of world’s energy, are the dominant cause of global warming which drives climate change (IPCC). Significant part of these fossil fuels come from Russia. Revenue from this export finance the war in Ukraine. 


These facts make my heart stop and shutter a piece of my soul… but they also cause the undeniable urge to act with more focus and and strive now than ever before. Being Polish and devoted to the pursue of planetary equilibrium, I have been profoundly impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine and the interconnected energy crisis. Hence, my collection aims to promote the holistic superiority of renewable energy above fossil fuels. It is a tribute to the renewables.


Inspired by the geometrical structures of the renewable energy power plants, my graduate collection presents timeless garments with geometrical construction. The cooperation between these rigid structures and organic forces of nature is represented by garments with structured shapes made from subtle materials.

creative process

synthesis of the creative research

Since holistic sustainability is crucial to me, all the fabrics that I am using are natural textiles from mostly dead-stock and only some new, of course from regenerative sources, certified. Moreover,  I desire to use photosynthetic coating, an innovative fabric treatment that basically causes a garment to produce oxygen. White, beige, gold, green and blue are the colors present within the collection. Respectively, they represent purity, wind, sun, flora, water and cleanliness which are the characteristics of renewable energy. I will use some plant-based dyeing with indygo and tansy to obtain natural hues of blue and green and some motifs for lining. I am also considering using bioplastic made by myself for little parts of the garments and as the main material for bags. Finally, I plan to use small solar panels as a source of energy for your phone charger that would be attached to a bag. All these solutions within my collection aim to create holistically sustainable, timeless garments which show that the renewable energy can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Final 7 looks 



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